Posted by Tom Kalil* and Cyrus Wadia**

From the synthetic fibers in Kevlar vests to the lithium-based compounds that power your laptop, advanced materials are so much a part of our everyday lives it’s not surprising that many people don’t appreciate how difficult it is to develop them. It can take 20 or more years to transition a material from discovery to a commercial product on store shelves….This current “time-to-market” from discovery to deployment for new classes of materials is far too slow, given the range of urgent problems that advanced materials can help us solve. 

Today, as part of his new Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, the President is announcing an ambitious plan, the Materials Genome Initiative, to double the speed with which we discover, develop, and manufacture new materials.  Read Full Article Here

*Tom Kalil is Deputy Director for Policy at OSTP

**Cyrus Wadia is Assistant Director for Clean Energy and Materials R&D at OSTP


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