VEXTEC to Present at Inaugural Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference


Presenting at ASME's Frontiers in Medical Devices: Applications of Computer Modeling and Simulation Conference

Presenting at ASME’s Frontiers in Medical Devices: Applications of Computer Modeling and Simulation Conference


August, 20, 2013-VEXTEC ‘s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Robert Tryon, and Dr. Animesh Dey, VEXTEC’s Chief Product Development Officer, will be making three presentations at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) First Annual Conference on Frontiers in Medical Devices: Applications of Computer Modeling and Simulation, in Washington, D.C. September 11-13, 2013.

Dr. Tryon, who has spoken at previous medical device conferences, will discuss the use of VEXTEC Virtual Life Management®(VLM) simulation software in determining and improving product reliability. The presentation entitled “Computational Models to Predict the Structural Reliability of Aerospace Systems” will detail three VLM cases from the aerospace industry, which has a similar risk profile to the medical device market.  These examples involve a helicopter turbine wheel, an aircraft engine fan blade, and an auxiliary power unit of a commercial airliner.

The second presentation reflects a technical collaboration with Boston Scientific Corporation, Inc. The presentation, “Using Probabilistic Computational Durability Modeling and Simulation to Create a Virtual Design of Experiments Based on Limited Laboratory Tests”, will be presented by Dr. Sanjeev Kulkarni, R&D Fellow at Boston Scientific. Dr. Kulkarni participated in the collaborative program and applied the results to BSCI products. The presentation covers the use of VLM computational models to accurately simulate statistically large populations of medical devices.

The third VEXTEC presentation will be given by Dr. Animesh Dey who is a recognized expert in the field of Uncertainty Management. Dr. Dey’s presentation entitled “Confidence Estimates Due to Uncertainty in Multi-Disciplinary Computational Analysis”, details methods to propagate and manage the uncertainty in the computational models themselves as well as the data and information used as input into the models.


VEXTEC is a computational simulation company that provides computer aided engineering services and technical expertise in the areas of product development and in-service reliability.  The Virtual Life Management® (VLM) engineering software platform helps companies accelerate product development, reduce physical testing and speed time to market for new products, and resolve in-service product performance and reliability issues related to cyclic fatigue, wear and corrosion. VLM simulations explain why, how, when and where product damage will occur and what can be done to mitigate the situation and improve product reliability.

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